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.:*The Basics*:.
First, Middle, & Last Name? :Ezra Jonas Boudreaux
Age? :17
Date of Birth? :11/21/87
Location? :Ruston, LA
Any Siblings? :1 Older sister named Sasha (21), and 1 younger brother named Dezi (7)
Are You in School? If So, What Grade? :Yes and I'm in 11th grade.
What Color is Your Hair? :Brown hair/ blue eyes (just so you know) :)
Are You Male or Female? :Male
What is Your Weight & Height? :132lbs, 5'8
.:*Love & Relationships*:.
Are You Single or Are You in a Relationship? :I'm in a relationship
Who is Your Best Friend? :Richard, Nick, Charlie, Dina and Josie
Ever Been Kissed? :Yes :)
Are You a Virgin? :Yes :)
What is Your Sexual Orientation? :Females
What Was Your Longest Relationship? :6 months
Have You Ever Been in Love? :No but I have cared about sombody.. ALOT!
Are You in Love Now? :I wouldn't say love we've only been dating for 2 days lol.
Do You Have a Crush on Anyone? :Yeah I have a crush on my g/f :)
.:*Right Now*:.
What Are you Wearing? :White shirt, black and blue wristband, black long shorts, and black long socks
What Are you Thinking? :Not alotta
Drinking Anything? :Apple Juice
Eating Anything? :Nope
Surfing Any Websites? :How would I be doing that if I'm doing this?
Who Are You Talking to? :I'm not that talented lol (concentration)
Listening to Music? If So, What? :Yes and it's the band Delirious
What Time is it? :it's 4:22am
How Many People Are on Your Buddylist? :2 people
Food? :Mexican Food
Color? :Black and Gray
Actor/Actress? :Wesley Snipes/Sandra Bullock
Movie? :The Passion of The Christ
Song? :Resolution by The Supertones
Band? :to many
Type of Music? :Christian (worship,rock,metal,punk) Mainstream (alternative rock)
Person? :Jesus
Animal? :Monkey
Do You Drink, Smoke, or do Any Drugs? :Not at all
Do You Believe in God? :Yes I do
Do You Have an Online Journal? :
Ever Lied to Your Parents? :Yes I have :I
Ever Been to a Concert? Which one(s)? :Yes, Their Youth Concerts. Which bands play in LA.. lol nobody
Did You Sleep with Stuffed Animals? : ..Did? No or at least not that I can remember
What is Your Opinion on Abortion? :It's wrong
What is Your Opinion of George W. Bush? :I have nothing to say
Did You Like this Survey?sure it was o.k

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