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Got Jesus?

My Personal Testimony:

In The Begining:
I was born on November 21st 1987 to a Middle Class Christian Baptist family in Ruston, LA. Already having my Mother, Father, and older sister Sasha as Christians almost promised me a free ticket of already knowing who Jesus truly is or so some would think. I was Batized December 12th 1987 at The First Assembly of God Baptist Church. If you asked me about it I wouldn't have a clue, I was to young to remember. I just have my huge card with Congratulations Ezra Jonas B. as this day marks the day of your New Beggining. Throughout the years of my adolesence I went to Worship every Saturday night and on Sundays I went to Sunday school, I loved it!
My Tribulation:
Around the time I was 8 I had made a new best friend his name was Daryl we did everything together. We were friends for about six years. We told eachother everything or so I thought. In April of 2000, Daryl passed away from Leukimia. All that time he was bald I just thought he liked his image that way. The times he would miss school for weeks, he was in the hospitol. Turns out he was dying all that time. All that time I knew him and I never knew the truth about him. That was my biggest falling point and at this time I was just 14. Like most people do I became angry at god. Thinking it was all his fault that Daryl died. I felt like God tricked me by giving me a best friend who wouldn't be able to be my best friend forever. I became depressed and went through some emotional problems. My dad arranged for me to talk to our Church Pastor, Pastor Ed. He helped me with a lot of things like understanding why people die in a way where you can only be happy for them. I know that Daryl is in a good place now, that's all that matters.
Getting Back On My Feet:
With time I began to put back the pieces of my relationship with God. I'm ashamed of blaming him but I know that he has forgiven me. Jesus has made a HUGE impact on my life. The best feeling is the feeling that he is ALWAYS with me even when I'm mad even when I'm not perfect. I wanna let everyone know that without Jesus there isn't anything possible. For some people sure it may seem like it is now but in the end, where are you going to go? It isn't possible to go to Heaven without Jesus. Jesus Saves and that's no lie. He died for our sins on a cross on calvary and there is nobody who could love you more. Living for Jesus is one of the hardest things in life to do, especially if you don't know where to start. If you open your heart and pray to him he will gradually guide you through. If you honeslty don't know where to start, you can email me. I will be more than happy to help you out. Especially if you live in Louisiana prefferably somewhere around Ruston but if not that's ok to. We can get in contact better if your in LA.
Just So You Know:
I'm nobody perfect, especially if you read my Weblog you can easily see that. I'm somebody who struggles from trials and tribulations just like anyone trying to live for god. But I mean this with all my heart when I say that all I really wanna do is live for God. That's it nothing more nothing less. Jesus means everything to me. I hope that anyone who reads this has found Jesus or maybe might wanna start!
Thank you everyone for reading this, sorry if you didn't get nothing out of it and if you did I'm glad :)

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