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Some of the BEST CHRISTIAN ARTIST EVER (check them out!)

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Dc Talk - After building a dedicated following with three albums of Christian hip-hop, Dc Talk made a play for crossover success with Jesus Freak. As the title indicates, the group members haven't abandoned their religious base. What they have done, is expand their musical pallete. Keeping a solid hip-hop foundation, the trio adds elements of soul, psychedelic rock, and pop, making Jesus Freak their most ambitious album to date..
Sample Music From Jesus Freak (1995)
Spoken - A group that used to play the harsher, screamier side of the field, and is now sidling back over to a more melodic pop area. Unfortunately, the result feels watered-down and tentative, even in those moments when singer Matt Baird gives in to his inner metalhead and shrieks out his spiritual and emotional angst (as he tends to do only briefly at a time, often only for a few words, which is actually a pretty effective touch). I could only get newest music samples, but you should definatly check out their earlier stuff!
Sample Music From Moment of Imperfect Clarity (2003)
The OC Supertones - This band is a legend Ska/Reggae/Rock band, I don't know a Christian who doesn't like them or heard them and didn't like them. If you've never heard a Supertones song check them out!
Sample Music from The OC Supertones Strikeback (1997)
Switchfoot - They have crossedover to mainstream but before that they were flat out Christian Rock and I'm happy to say they really haven't changed their message in their music. To bad most their new fans have no idea that they ARE a christian rock band. Check out some earlier stuff..
Sample Music from New Way to Be Human (1999)
Skillet - having an approach of matching unapologetically spiritual lyrics to an aggressive, melodic alternative-rock sound. Although their message isn't likely to speak to the unconverted, those in the know will likely appreciate their uncompromising attitude toward their Christian beliefs.
Sample Music from Invincible (2000)
Project 86 - this band exhibits the kind of musical fury that echoes the angst of the millennium youth. Along the lines of P.O.D., Drawing Black Lines is a testimony to Christendom while musically driving a fist through traditional Christian thinking. Moral lines are drawn beginning to end.
Sample Music from Drawing Black Lines (2000)
Chimes 4:58
The Insyderz - One of the most respected groups in the ever-growing contemporary Christian music market, the Insyderz top their previous releases with Fight of My Life, a record that combines ska into a polished mixture of rock, punk, hip hop and reggae. Developmentally, their third release marks an increased level of musical maturity.
Sample Music from Fight of My Life (1999)
Jigsaw 2:56

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