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There has been a lot of discussion recently about Christian Clothing, WWJD bracelets, SYATP (See You At The Pole), and Promisekeepers. 

Many of these things are being criticized by Christians and non-Christians alike because their are 'Christians' who wear these items or attend these events whose lives do not show the fruit of being a Christian.  I have heard several students say that they have heard students who were wearing WWJD? bracelets talking about all the guys they have slept with.  One person asked someone what their bracelet meant, and the response was 'I don't know, but everyone is wearing them.' 

My Challenge to you is this: 

1) Remember that WWJD? bracelets are NOT jewelry.  We wear them to remind ourselves to ask the question: What Would Jesus Do?

2) Even though we may be wearing a WWJD? bracelet to serve as a reminder to us, other people will see them, and make judgment of mistakes we make while wearing them.  Therefore, we need to be careful not become stumbling blocks to non-Christians.

3) If you see someone wearing a WWJD bracelet or clothing item, and they are doing something that is against our standards, then you have the right to confront them about it.  But remember to do it in a private and loving way.

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